The story of New England's largest abandoned school, in Woonsocket RI


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The Sounds of My Old School

Musicians Randy Laskowski and Paul G. Bouley created many original compositions heard in the film. You can read more about them in the Who We Are section. To hear more of Randy's work, please visit his official Soundcloud page, or check out the player below, where you can listen to featured and unused tracks inspired by My Old School, along with dozens of other original compositions.

Additional Contributors

Additional music and sounds in the film provided by the following ccMixter artists under Creative Commons Attribution for non-commercial use. The Old School Project is a non-profit group. Excerpts from the titles below were used in My Old School. To learn more about the artists and to support them please visit the links below:

Admiral Bob – Slinky Blues (feat. Unreal_dm)

Drift – Invisible (feat. Fourstones)

DJ Rkod – Chemma Chi (Disturbed)

Essesq – White Cube Art Noise (feat. Mr. Weirdbient)

Fireproof Babies – Kids then Age (feat. Pitx)

Ghost – Reverie (Small Theme) (feat. Pitx)

Grapes – Dope (feat. AlexPlaysGuitar)

Ivan Chew – Don’t Want to Come Back Down (feat. Jaspertine)

Ivan Chew – Old Man and the Sea II (feat. Panu Moon)

Jaspertine – Waiting to Come Back Down

Jaspertine – Good Night and Good Luck

Jaspertine - Pling

Jeris – 3 Pound Universe (feat. Doxent Zsigmond)

Loveshadow – A New May Day (ft. Snowflake)

Mika – Fall to Pieces/Silence (feat. Colab)

Morgantj – Silent Motions

Rocavaco – Terra Amazonia (feat. Panu Moon and Anchor)

SeptaHelix – Creative Commoner

Skill Borrower – 12 String (feat. KarstenHolyMoly, Javolenus, Donkie Horse Mule, tigabeatz, macroform, RHBeatProductions, Dreamsynth, Annabloom)

Speck – Doxent’s Piano (feat. Doxent Zsigmond)

Speck – Lucid Dream of Sleep (feat. Brilliant Orange Object, waysidedrive)

Super Sigil – Beautiful Aura Groove (feat. Javolenus, Audiotechnica, Csoul, robwalkerpoet)

Teru – Goodbye War, Hello Peace

The Spark That Thought – Potato