The story of New England's largest abandoned school, in Woonsocket RI


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About My Old School

When we found out that the school we both attended in our hometown was closed for good, we knew something had to be done to preserve its history and memories. Constructed in 1914, the Woonsocket High School housed the minds of several generations that went off and changed the world.

In 1973, after numerous additions to the building, the school was converted into the largest junior high school in New England, housing students in grades 7 through 9. In 1987, it became a middle school for students in grades 6 - 8. In 2009 its doors closed for good when a new school was built just down the street.  Since the school was being added to with limited space, it made for strange hallways, doorways to nowhere, and nooks and crannies all over the building. It has one of the most confusing layouts of any school. 

Our film crew was granted exclusive access to the abandoned school, which was left virtually untouched since the doors closed on its last day in December 2009. We spent over 30 hours inside the school capturing the beauty of the building we once called home.  When we went into the school to film, we mapped out each location and had to set up a "base camp" in the old auditorium. This place is that big.

We gathered numerous interviews with former faculty, staff, students, and city officials discussing everything from the building itself to the cultural revolutions it endured. My Old School isn't just a look back at this one school, it's a tribute to everyone's school experiences.

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